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About Us

Solving Complex Problems. Crafting Interconnected Solutions

Founded in 2002, Converge Networks Corporation began with a clear vision: to set the gold standard in innovative IT and management solutions. Pioneers in our domain, we've cultivated a rich legacy of helping government and corporate entities navigate their unique challenges with custom-tailored solutions.


At Converge Networks, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled ability to grasp the intricate interplay of challenges our clients face. Recognizing that issues don't stand alone, we delve deeply into the expansive web of large-scale networks, ensuring that we provide not just solutions, but holistic strategies that stand the test of time. It's this profound understanding of interconnected challenges that sets us apart and empowers us to deliver results that truly resonate.

Our Greatest Strength: Our People

At the heart of Converge Networks is a team of highly-skilled, senior subject matter experts. Each member brings to the table a unique blend of expertise in IT and telecommunications, honed through decades of experience. We're not just about providing services; we're about crafting and executing strategies. Our meticulous approach involves understanding your needs deeply, strategizing effectively, and executing with precision. From strategic planning to managing cutting-edge technology acquisitions, we transform visions into results.


Our SMEs have the following skills and attributes:

  • US Cabinet-level advisors

  • Practiced program managers

  • Knowledgeable technologists

  • Leading-edge contract experts

  • Experienced pricing specialists

  • DoD Secret and above security clearances

  • Typical SME has over 25 years of IT/telecommunications experience


Our SMEs are known and recognized for expertise in:

  • Federal civilian and DoD IT and telecommunications modernization, innovation, and re-imagination

  • Effective acquisition strategies and support

  • Analytics and big data across domains

  • Cloud migration

  • PMO services

  • Security and compliance

  • Software defined data centers and networks

  • Shared IT services

  • Web and video conferencing

  • IT mobility and management solutions

  • IP convergence & IPv6

  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning

  • Network Architecture and Governance

  • Zero Trust in Cybersecurity

  • SASE

  • IT and Network Risk Management,

  • Identity, Credential, and Access Management

  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Security

  • IT and Network Cost Modeling

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Expert Systems

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning


At Converge Networks, we don’t just solve problems - we envision possibilities.
Let's reimagine your organization’s future together.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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