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Acquisition Strategy & Execution Support

Navigating the intricacies of effective acquisition strategies and legacy-to-modern IT transformations can be challenging. That's where Converge Networks Corporation comes in. We offer comprehensive support, from concept inception to technology readiness assessments for developing an acquisition strategy. Our services not only facilitate but also refine the acquisition process, ensuring you're equipped with the most effective tools and insights. We provide the end-to-end guidance for government contract acquisitions your agency needs.


What We Provide:


  • Strategic Planning: Craft bespoke acquisition strategies and plans tailored to your specific needs.

  • Market Insights: Conduct market research to stay ahead of industry trends and requirements.

  • Documentation: Expertly develop Statements of Work (SOWs), Statements of Objectives (SOOs), and Performance Work Statements (PWSs).

  • Acquisition Tools: Create specialized tools designed to streamline the acquisition process.

  • Key Personnel: Outline critical staffing requirements for your projects.

  • Procurement Packages: Assemble solicitation packages, including Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Quotes (RFQs), and Terms of Reference (TORs).

  • Cost Estimates: Deliver Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs) for budgetary planning.

  • Selection Plans: Establish Source Selection Plans and award criteria for effective decision-making.

  • Fee Structures: Design Award Fee plans that are aligned with your objectives.

  • Performance Metrics: Implement Service Level Agreements (SLAs), award fee metrics, and performance-based metrics for ongoing monitoring.

  • Proposal Evaluation: Thoroughly assess written and oral proposals based on a multitude of criteria.

  • Technical Boards: Assist Technical Evaluation Boards in making well-informed decisions.

  • Consensus Building: Lead evaluator meetings to reach consensus and document these agreements effectively.

  • Award Recommendations: Prepare and deliver award recommendation memos to finalize decisions.

  • Cost Analysis: Perform detailed cost/price analyses to ensure budget-friendly options.

  • Price Negotiation: Create negotiation memos to secure optimal pricing.

  • Value Assessment: Determine the best value for your investment, supported by comprehensive reports and Project Notification Memos (PNMs).

Ensure a transparent, efficient, and effective acquisition process for your agency.
Let Converge Networks Corporation guide you
through each step.
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