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Legacy GSA Network Contract Migration

Migrating from Legacy GSA Network Contracts to GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)?

Let Converge Networks Corporation
Guide the Way.


Network Asset Discovery

Dive deep with Converge Networks to pinpoint your network assets. Unearth their locations and their pivotal roles in driving mission-focused networks. As we chart your path, we prioritize moving your most crucial assets from legacy contracts to EIS, ensuring no mission-critical function misses a beat.


Strategic Acquisition Planning

Streamline your network migration services with acquisition strategies sculpted for simplicity. With Converge Networks' intimate understanding of EIS contract line items, we guarantee a seamless transition, propelling you from the familiar terrains of your current contract into the next-gen realms of EIS.


Seamless Transition

Transitioning to EIS requires harmonized efforts across the board. With Converge Networks' seasoned network migration services experience, we deftly align all agency spheres, converging on the shared objective: a smooth shift from legacy contracts to EIS.


Converge Networks was the current Prime Contractor supporting the GSA TAAS contract on the groundbreaking $50 billion EIS contract for telecommunications and IT infrastructure.


As the incumbent Prime Contractor for the GSA's TAAS contract, Converge Networks Corporation played a pivotal role in the transformational GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) initiative for telecommunications and IT infrastructure. The EIS contract, which boasts a remarkable $50 billion budget over 15 years, replaced Networx, WITS3, and Local Service Agreements (LSAs). It was also designated as the contract vehicle for key federal IT modernization projects.


Our subject matter experts have collaborated closely with the GSA and vendors to offer an extensive array of 32 services at highly competitive rates. One standout feature of EIS is the option for agencies to negotiate volume discounts directly with vendors, bypassing the need for broad contract amendments.


EIS is designed for adaptability, allowing services to be customized or bundled to meet specific agency needs. This is facilitated through Task Order Unique CLINs (TUCs), which enable both service bundling at discounted prices and the meeting of unique requirements without altering the core EIS contract.


Recognizing the fast-paced evolution of technology, EIS includes a dynamic services catalog that vendors can update with new offerings, all without requiring contractual modifications. Furthermore, the contract offers the latitude for vendors to introduce services or locations not previously in their catalog, upon fair and reasonable assessment. Drawing on our decade plus of hands-on experience with EIS, we remain committed to offering post-award support to ensure the contract's ongoing success.

Let's future-proof your network.

Partner with Converge Networks Corporation 
for your EIS network migration services.
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