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Acquisition Tools

While executing the GSA Networx and Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts, Converge Networks crafted a suite of analytical tools. Similar acquisition tools can be custom-designed to bolster other acquisition initiatives. We can create big data tools and technologies to support your agency's specific needs. 

EIS Big Data Tool Cloud-Based (PaaS) Telecomm Geographic Location/ Price Visualizer

Enable analyses of complex pricing models by geographic area (CBSA). The Visualizer offers an intuitive way to make informed choices by letting users select a CBSA, service type (CLIN), and vendors of interest. A customized map is then generated, showing precisely where each selected vendor offers the indicated service. Vendors are differentiated by color-coded circles, with the circle size denoting the price level—larger circles mean higher costs. This feature empowers users with the visual insights they need to compare vendor offerings geographically and economically, all in one glance. It's a streamlined way to make cost-effective decisions without sacrificing quality or location convenience.

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Solicitation and SOW Quick-Builder (SSAT, formerly known as SOW-ASSIST)

Streamline the crafting of service solicitations with SSAT. Our experts collaborate with your agency to capture your specific needs. The tool then generates a Word document in Uniform Contract Format (UCF), allowing your team to finalize the solicitation swiftly and efficiently. 

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Agency Transition Budget Planner (EATCE)

EATCE offers a seamless approach to budgeting your agency's transition from legacy telecom contracts (Networx, WITS, and Regional Local Service Agreements) to EIS. Guided by an EATCE specialist, the tool provides CLIN-level justifications for budget estimates, including setup fees and costs for parallel operation. Customizable for different technology shifts, EATCE can also produce Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs), cost comparisons, and detailed CLIN lists.

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Vendor Price Auditor 

The Vendor Price Auditor scrutinizes vendor pricing against benchmark rates and delivers in-depth analysis reports. Designed for flexibility, the tool accommodates various formats in submitted price data and evaluates revised quotes in Best and Final Offers (BAFOs) or during multiple negotiation rounds. It's an invaluable asset for expeditious evaluation of extensive price data sets.

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